Fragments of Love and Desire - christina e. pitsch
Fragments of Love and Desire

The series Fragments of Love and Desire is meant to tell parts of various stories about love, companionship, joy, longing and sometimes the complexities of relationships both realized and unrealized. Slipcast porcelain is decorated with transfers, underglaze, and luster. It is the material of fine china and export ware. Through the materials the pieces call back to the preciousness of fine china and figurines rimmed in gold. But unlike these more straightforward objects I create pieces that are fragmented and placed in less likely pairings. Decorated lovebirds are placed with industrial cutoffs of aluminum stock placing them in a more modern space than a grandmother’s figurine case.

Deer hooves reference a hunter’s trophy and a fragmented animal form. Not often thought of as a precious object, through material and context I am exploring another way of the delicacy of this detritus. Unlike the rack of a prize buck, deer feet are less valued, hoping at best to become a gun rack or lamp base. I think back to the rabbit’s feet we use to have as children. We fetishized these charms, never registering how truly grizzly they are. The hoof pieces are a sort of tribute to my invented lucky deer hoof. There is an invented world that motivates all my work. In this world, the porcelain hoof is the lucky rabbit’s foot I hook in the loop of my jeans.

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Hope, fear, love
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