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My work for fancied is exactly as the dictionary definition states; it is born of whimsy, illusion, fantasy, decoration, extravagance and judgments of taste. I am captivated by intersections and perceptions of dichotomies such as highbrow/lowbrow, beautiful/macabre, elegance/kitsch. I have been exploring the idea of trophies and collections for years. This journey began with hunting trophies and images related to a culture of hunting. My own aesthetic is informed by mid century modernism as much as by chaotic assortments of lowbrow kitsch. Through the ages images of flora and fauna have been used as embellishment and trophy. Here the chandeliers are an incongruous display; the showy elegance of the chandelier with the grisly notion of severed hooves reinterpreted in porcelain and gilt. There is a lack of context for both the chandelier and hooves- no functional purpose for the chandelier and no body to the hooves. Shadows cast by the chandeliers have their own elegance of form as they create patterns embellishing the walls. By nature I am a collector. I obsessively work in multiples, every idea building its own collection. I have often been drawn to things I wasn’t supposed to like- tacky collections; when objects are so bad, they are good. The deer hoof series began when I found a lucky rabbit’s foot collection that someone had tossed away; once loved, now no longer desired. Fancy is in the eye of the beholder.
forget me not
As luck would have it, Object of desire, Palace Purebred
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