Christina Pitsch is a mixed media artist working in installation, sculpture and printmaking. Her work is a hybrid of materials and techniques driven by larger conceptual questions of cultural iconography and gender identification. Frequently her work uses animals (and fragments thereof) to tell stories about the complexity of relationships.

Through her work Pitsch investigates her interest in gender stereotypes present in American cultural icons and activities; the deer began as the iconic trophy of hunting and has shifted over the years as she continues to reference it. “I have always seen it (deer) as something that is quintessentially masculine: the trophy, the reference to hunting culture, the readability of the antler rack as a masculine symbol/indicator while at the same time the gracefulness of the forms feel very feminine. The delicacy of the deer skeleton suggests femaleness, strong yet delicate, swift and graceful.” Conceptually her work hinges on dichotomies as a starting point: masculine versus feminine, beautiful versus macabre, absence versus presence.

By nature a collector, Pitsch works obsessively in multiples, every idea building its own collection. It is through working with multiples that she pursues an understanding of objects and ideas, internalizing the form and ultimately becoming intimate with the object as it is reproduced. Layers of meaning peel back, as the process becomes a meditation in repetition.

An avid traveler, Christina has had the opportunity to work and teach around the world. When not traveling by land and sea she works from her studio in New Hampshire. Pitsch received her MFA from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College.

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